Nuke Blast

these are the biggest nuke explosion that ever happen in our beloved earth...

1. Canopus Bomb

this photo taken in Fangataufa, July 3, 1970 by French army . This bomb codename is Canopus, and have a strength of 914 kt explosion.

2. Upshot-Knothole Operation

Upshot-Knothole operation was held in Nevada Proving Ground between March 17 and June 4, 1953, to test a new type of bomb that use theory of fission and fusion. The house in the picture is 3500 feet from the center of explosion. The camera itself is protected by 2 inch layer so it won't be blown away by the explosion. It only takes 2,6 second for the bomb to reach that house.

3. Crossroads Operation

July 1, 1946 in Marshall Islands, this operation called Crossroads Operations. An explosion-shaped mushroom / fungus occurs in the North Pacific Ocean, and it is the first explosion of 2 explosion in the Crossroads operation. German and Japan warships were also can be seen in this picture.

4. Bravo Bomb

Bravo bomb testing is the worst in U.S. history because of the disaster caused by the radiation. An error happen because the U.S. make a wrong calculation about the weather condition.

5.Trinity Bomb

Trinity bomb was the first atomic bomb test held by U.S government. This test was taken on July 16 1945, 55 miles towards the southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, which is now the White Sands Missile Range. His brother, the "Fat Man" was the bomb that being dropped in Nagasaki, using the same concept as this one. The strength of this bomb is "only" 20 kiloton.

6. Badger Bomb

The strength of this bomb is 23 kiloton. This pic was taken on April 18 1953 at the Nevada test site. This bomb was a part of Upshot-Knothole Operation.

7. Little Boy and Fat Man

Little Boy and Fat Man were the bomb that being used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. This was the first atomic bomb attack from US to Japan with a legal permission from former US President, Harry S. Truman. Little boy explode in August 6 1945 and Fat Man 3 days after that. This two atomic bomb attack make 200.000 people died and end Japan resistance ini World War 2

*taken from various resources


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