time travelers got caught on camera!

well..actually i don't know if this picture was true or not. We always wondering about time travel. Maybe it's exciting if we can travel around time forward and backward. You can believe this or not but here is the list of the three most recent puppies you can call pieces of evidence for time travel or you cannot.

1. Printed T-shirt, Sun Shades and Multi Zoom Camera in 1940

This photo is officially available at one of Canadian museum's website. It features a scene from the re-opening of a freshly reconstructed bridge, back in 1940. I think you can easily find on this photo someone who looks like to be not a very good fit for 1940s, wearing a printed T-shirt which got patented and went in mass production not earlier than 1960s, eyeshades that just appeared at that time, but didn't get that form factor yet and holding something that appears to be a camera with lens that were not introduced earlier than late 1950s. And also he is taller than anyone else there. What's that - a coincidence? Look closely once again

2. A PDA, Laptop, and Cell Phone Over 70 Years Ago

Second one comes from Russia. They have beautiful subway stations in big cities like Moscow that were previously build by communist leaders' personal orders and were thought to become pieces of artwork to awe the tourists and simple Soviet people who came to Moscow from smaller Russian towns. People say that they really hold their breath when found themselves for the first time inside a Moscow metro. And on one of the stations there is something that can get to hold your air even nowadays. This large mosaic panel features some scene from early Communist age of Soviet Empire, it stays there untouched already for 70 years, since early 1930s and look what they've got there!

look closely once again

Someone holding something looking like a touchscreen PDA with a bigger laptop ahead of him talking on cell phone?

3. An Astronaut in 1700

If you still can say I didn't get you think those two above can be for real and rather just some pure coincidence, bad angle and wild imagination result, then I've got one real smoking gun for ya. Look at this one, please. Found on one of the pillars of Salamanca Cathedral, a church that was started in 16th century and completed in later 18th century, way before the glorious age of modern day space exploration era. Some might say it was added later or a result of a bad joke, but listen, is that really easy to add something to a cathedral that is being considered a historical relic and nobody is let to alter its look, especially with such unholy plot lines.

the bigger picture

it's up to you to believe it or not. This things amazed me.

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